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Nursing is one of the noblest profession under healthcare sector since it deals with taking care of the individuals, family, communities, etc. so they may attain the optimal health and can recover back to their good quality lives. Different researches in the field of nursing have helped to cure patients with more efficiently. Students in their final year of nursing course have to conduct a research on any specific topic relating to the subject, be it health science, medicine, diagnosis of any particular disease, nursing policies etc. This research has to be first summed up in around 2000 words document as a research proposal. Nursing dissertation proposal helps a student to acquire both empirical knowledge as well as the practical clarity on the process.

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How to Approach Writing A Nursing Dissertation Proposal?

It has been observed that students are faster at collecting the information regarding any specific topic they are asked to. But is that information relevant? So, the major issue is not only collecting the data within bound time but also collecting significant data.

So, here are the points that one should keep in mind before preparing a research proposal for nursing.

  1. Be specific with the information on your topic. If your topic relates to any part of the body or some technology that is used for some medication purpose, try to revolve around that area and detail the major points that add value to your study.
  2. Present medically valid points. Allow such approaches that are medically suitable and implementable. It should first relate to the medical genre and then to another genre, maybe technology.
  3. Try to fix your information within a proper outline. It helps you to prepare the draft easily and presentably.
  4. Have proper knowledge about your topic and about anything that can be closely related to it. This helps you to stay confident in viva.

What Are the Elements of Nursing Research Proposal?

Here are the questions your nursing proposal should be able to answer:

  1. What is the research about and the need for the research?
  2. What is the scope of taking this research in the field of nursing?
  3. What motivated you to write a scholarly paper on this topic?
  4. What are the gaps your research fills existing in the field?

Now, before answering these questions, let us know which elements will help you solve them.


These elements have to be incorporated while preparing the draft.


  1. Chose a pragmatic and doable topic.
  2. Consult your faculty for the formatting requirement.
  3. Outline your work to adhere to the word count.
  4. Analyze the methods used by other researches and device your methods.

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