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Public health course promotes number of heath practices and care solutions; therefore, this discipline deserves a lot of importance. It is expected that the public health care workers are well-trained, universities have introduced certain level of assignments in academia to ensure student’s better understanding of the subject. Theses and dissertations are a part of the academic work that should be submitted in the final year of the college. Due to certain reasons, students fail to craft an appropriate dissertation. Dissertation is a 10,000-15,000 words long document which daunts every final year student. We, at Dissertation Help Australia, offer you the services that are carried out to prepare the best dissertation. Our Public heath dissertation help have helped hundreds of students to get clear with the idea of crafting a dissertation, how to approach studying a topic and what are the necessities that must be fulfilled in order to make it impressive and convincing.

Students get confused between “Should I do the dissertation?” or “If not me then, who will do my public health dissertation?” The answer totally depends on the amount of resources, knowledge and time that the student has.

How to Approach Writing A Public Health Dissertation?

Well, if you have decided to prepare the draft by yourself but do not know the key points to initiate your research with, here are some necessary things that you must take care of before writing a Public heath dissertation.

  1. Consider the specific field of public health that you choose or select for your dissertation that relates to your problem statement.
  2. As a rule of thumb, try to use the technical terms (here, medical terms) to explain the topic. This reflects your knowledge and clarity with the concepts.
  3. Always use credible information, published works and articles, to prepare your dissertation. This will not only help you get good scores but will also validate your study.
  4. Maintain consistency with the exploration and research. Updated information is necessary to make a persuasive dissertation.
  5. Properly outline the dissertation as per the guidelines.

These points will make your dissertation cross 45% of the entire journey to the success of your dissertation, say Public health dissertation writing experts.

How to Structure the Dissertation for Public Health?

When it comes to writing a lengthy document of 10,000 words, there are ample number of challenges that students face be it collecting the relevant samples, then distributing it among the sections as per the rules and guidelines and then to present it.

Once you have approached collecting the data, here is the pattern you can structure your dissertation. This will not only ensure clean presentation but will also help you deliver the study in a proper and subtle flow.

  1. Title
  2. Abstract
  3. Table of contents
  4. List of tables
  5. List of figures
  6. Preface/Acknowledgment
  7. Main Body
  8. Appendices (if any)
  9. Bibliography
  • Introduction

    • Enticing question, alluring description or narration to grab reader’s attention
    • Describe the problem statement, cause and effects, your position on the issue, main points of importance
    • Background information
  • Literature review

    • Supporting subject, assertion and explanation
    • Comparison between your work and the one done already by other researchers
    • Additional explanation
  • Materials and methods

    • Materials, procedures, and types of equipment used
    • Controls, treatment and design of the experiment
    • Number of times the tests were conducted
  • Results & Discussion

    • Pertinent results in logical order
    • Relate the findings with your problem statement
    • Summary of the major findings in “Discussion” section
    • Suggest the ways to approach the unanswered questions
  • Conclusion

    • Conclude the research by comparing the outcomes with the expected outcomes
    • Discuss the significance of study

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing A Public Health Dissertation:

To Public health dissertation help you with an impressive piece of 10,000 words long research, there are some points you must again keep in your mind. These are some general mistakes committed by the students while preparing the draft. Here is what you should NOT DO!


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